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These boxes for thermal insulation blinds are designed to accommodate any shading system easily and quickly and they are produced in a large range entirely with the latest machinery. They can be paired with all types of fixtures, and can be adapted to all types of masonry and different profiles of rolling shutters and sunblinds, thanks to multiple customisation possibilities, that all ensure consistently excellent heat insulating performance.
They are made of expanded sintered polystyrene (EPS), a high-density material that is stable, recyclable, durable, non-toxic and waterproof. Our exclusive patented relief fretwork guarantees the perfect seal for any kind of finish.

Insulated counterframes provide a solid framework to which to fix a window.

Installing the monoblock allows boxes to be hidden directly in the wall, and improves noise reduction and aesthetics.

Maximum design versatility, perfect adaptability to every architectural style and a superior aesthetic result!!